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A simple helper library and scripts that work with agsXMPP to allow you to send and receive messages via Jabber.

agsXmpp is a GPL .Net Xmpp library that is a project of AG Software -- they in no way are affiliated with PoshXmpp.

Here's a simple example ... don't forget you have to put both DLLs in the same place, and use InstallUtil PoshXmpp.dll and Add-PsSnapin PoshXmpp to get PoshXmpp loaded and ready
$jaykul = ""

# you'll be prompted ... and you'll have to enter a jabber login & password
# you could also pass in an HTTP polling server here, like: 
PoshXmpp\New-Client (Get-Credential)
PoshXmpp\Send-Message $jaykul "Hi there Joel!"

# You'll be sitting, waiting for messages ... press any key to continue
PoshXmpp\Receive-Message -Loop

# This will make sure you're logged off ...

The $PoshXmppClient object is created by the New-Client cmdlet, which also returns it, so you can store it in a different variable in case you want to log into multiple servers. You can pass the -Client parameter to any of the commands, or they will use the default $PoshXmppClient client. If it becomes disconnected, you'll get an error, and can safely re-run New-Client.

Try this one, to listen to IRC (you need Out-Voice)

param (
    $JabberId = $( Read-Host "Bot's Jabber ID" )
   ,$Password = $( Read-Host "Bot's Password" -asSecure)
   ,$Chat[] = @("") # Some IRC channels to join!
   ,$ChatNick = $("PowerBot$((new-object Random).Next(0,9999))")  # Your nickname in IRC

$global:PoshXmppClient = 
PoshXmpp\New-Client $JabberId $Password #
foreach($room in $Chat) {
   PoshXmpp\Connect-Chat $room $ChatNick

while(!$Host.UI.RawUI.KeyAvailable) {
   PoshXmpp\Receive-Message -All | foreach-object {
      "{0}-{1} said: {2}" -f ($_.From.User -split "%")[0], $_.From.Resource, $_.Body | Out-Voice -Wait -Pass
   [Threading.Thread]::Sleep( 100 )

PoshXmpp\Disconnect-Chat $Chat $ChatNick

Other cmdlets so far

  • New-Client -- create the initial connection -- errors if it can't log in
  • Add-Contact -- adds a contact, and/or accepts one who's added you
  • Get-Contact -- list or search your online contacts, takes a wildcard JabberId parameter
  • Send-Message -- takes the JabberId and a message (I'll fix this up later to take the message from the pipeline so you could use it to transfer text files)
  • Receive-Message -- read a message you've received. Has -All and -Loop parameters that let you read all messages you've received so far, or loop and wait for new messages.
  • Connect-Chat -- connect to MUC chats: try "" to connect to the PowerShell IRC channel. NOTE: messages from these come the same way as regular chat messages... you have to Receive-Message to see anything. You could Receive-Message -Loop > log.txt ....
  • Disconnect-Chat -- disconnect from a MUC...
  • Start-Chat -- an attempt at an interactive chat on the command-line. Not very good.

Note that all of these cmdlets actually use methods exposed on the XmppClient object that the New-Client creates, or on it's members (particularly on the MessageManager, ContactManager, and ChatManager members). You can do even more than this using PowerShell script with those objects ...

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